Monday, August 31, 2015


Back from the Dead!

I haven't posted here since I left Canadian Natural. A lot has happened since there, the quick recap:

I left CNRL to be the team lead at Canadian Pacific for their vblock implementation. It was so busy that I kind of dropped this blog off the edge of the world, and haven't picked it back up. Anyway, the vblock there was interesting. It was original intended for vCloud director and VDI for staff and IT, but as is often the case, SAP showed up and consumed all available resources. 

After CP I designed a pseudo-flexpod (all the parts, none of the overhead) for Autopro Automation for a big oil and gas client, and then implemented it. A lot of documentation went into that. A LOT. That and designing the whole project in advance on emulators and from memory/old documenation due to engineers wanting all their documentation up front was interesting. 

Then I took a solutions architect role for Hatsize Education. It wasn't a good fit, writing bash scripts 8 hours a day. 

Now I'm back at CP, Converged Infrastructure Specialist for their Positive Train Control initiative. I also recently completed my CCNA-DC certification, and renewed my VCP at 5.5. Very interesting so far, hopefully I'll have more postings in the future.

Personal notes - I bought a new house! 


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